The second week

We started with a lazy monday. We didn' do much after class we just watched some movies and went to bed. Tuesday we went to school and later on the day we had a tour through Valencia. We saw some really intresting places and buildings.Wednesday there was no eveningactivity but we had some homework.. In the evening we made dinner and watched some movies. Thursday we had an eveningactivity. So we went to school at 5pm to learn how to make 'aqua de Valencia' is a type of cocktail. We had a contest to make the best 'aqua de valencia'. After the activitie we went to a bar close to the school. Friday we went to a club close to our appartment. Saturday we went to the zoo. Sunday was a lazy sunday. We were tired from the weekend and stayed home for the day.

Donderdag 8 februari

Woensdag 7 Februari

Dinsdag 6 februari

Maandag 5 februari

Zaterdag 3 & Zondag 4 februari

Vrijdag 2 februari

Donderdag 1 februari

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